State 4-H Competitive Trail Ride

For 4-H member, meeting age requirements
September 5, 2008
Species: Horse

For: Youth.

Location: Bob Evans Farm, Inc.
Rio Grande, Ohio

Event Details

The following rules will apply:

1. Senior Trail participants must be at least 14 years old (4-H age) as of January 1 of year of participation.

2. Junior Trail Ride participants must be 11-13 years old (4-H age) or may be 14-18 yrs. if it is the first time they have participated in the ride. Those riders 14 years old or older must advance to the senior ride after riding the junior ride one time. Shadow riders are allowed for eleven year olds or for handicapped youth on the junior ride. The junior riders ride one half of the senior ride. All other senior rules apply to the junior ride.

3. Horses used for competitive trail riding must be at least 4 years old. As with all 4-H Horse activities, horses and ponies being used for the contest MUST have a minimum body condition score of 4, not be obviously sick or exhibit a Grade 3 or greater lameness to be considered eligible to participate in the contest. (See Uniform Rules, page 14, #38)

4. The rider must be enrolled in or has had the trail riding project.

5. The rider will take a current conditioning record on their horse to the trail ride. The condition record includes the pulse and respiration rates recorded during the conditioning of the horse for the ride. An example of this record is in the Trail Riding Project Book (Circular 188). This record will be turned in at the ride and be worth 5 points on the condition score of the ride.

6. A youth that has been overall senior champion the previous year cannot compete the following year. They must volunteer to help with the ride for one year, and then they may compete the following year. Past champions should contact Amber Moffett to find out what job they can do.

7. Entry is open to anyone meeting the previous rules. Entries will be accepted beginning July 1, with August 15 being the deadline to enter. An entry will be made with a non-refundable $25.00 entry fee. Checks should be made payable to "The State 4-H Horse Committee" and mailed to Amber D. Moffett, Animal Science Department, 2029 Fyffe Road, Columbus, OH 43210-1095.

8. If a rider's horse is unable to compete, the 4-Her may use another horse (It does not need to be a designated 4-H project) as long as the 4-Her has done all of the riding and training of the substitute horse for at least 30 days prior to the trail ride, and has a condition record covering that period of time.

9. If, for some reason (body condition score, lameness, illness, etc.), a entered rider cannot make the ride, another youth may be substituted under the original rider's entry fee as long as the substitute youth meets the other rules.

10. If over sixty entries are received, the first sixty will be selected on earliest postmark, and the late entries will have their entry form and fee returned.

11. All participants will receive a letter of acceptance with all needed information for the ride after August 10th. Some of the information will be rules for the ride not covered in the project book, Trail Riding (Circular 188). The rules in the project book and these additional ones will be the rules for the ride.

12. A Coggins Test is not required.

Contact: Masa Alman

Animal Sciences Building, Room 222a
2029 Fyffe Ct.
Columbus OH 43210

Registration Deadline: August 15, 2008
Fee: $25.00
Registration and Entry Forms

Registration/Entry Notes: Entries will be accepted beginning July 1, with August 15 being the deadline to enter.

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Event Results: 08StateTrailRideWinners.pdf

Last Year Results: 07StateTrailRideWinners.pdf