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Current Updates and Items of Interest

There is a correction to the calendar of events sent out in our annual mailing. The location of Dairy Palooza Northeast is the Trumbull County Fairgrounds, not Mahoning as is listed in the mailing. The correct calendar can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Judging clinic Pre-registration

2015 Youth Dairy Judging Clinic Agenda

2015 Calendar

2014 Mailing Cover Letter

2014 Dairy Achievement Cover Letter and Form




Would you like to see our current 4-H Dairy Program Display? We had excellent comments when it premiered at Farm Science Review.

Ohio 4H Dairy Program Standup Poster Display



Statewide Dairy Programs

Dairy Camp

This event is held (every few years) on the campus of OSU and is planned with 10-14 year olds as our focus age group. Although this camp is not an annual event, it will feature a different theme of interest when planned in the calendar year.. In 2009, we focused on showmanship skills and dairy prouducts.

Learning opportunities, hands on experiences, networking with other 4-Hers, and leading dairy professionals all await those who register for this one day camp.

Look for info on our 2009 Dairy Camp, Calendar of Events page.


Dairy Quiz Bowl

Would you like to test your dairy knowledge and match wits with other dairy youth from across the state?

If so, you will enjoy this team event that includes an individual written test followed by toss up questions in individual rounds. Subjects include nutrition, management, housing and facilities, genetics, reproduction, milk quality, dairy judging, physiology, and much more!

There are two divisions………..Junior and Senior!
If your county does not have enough brave participants, you can consider forming a multi county team. The event takes one full day and awards are presented at the conclusion of the day’s activities.

Sample questions, rules, a list of resources to study, registration forms, and all the details will be posted prior to the event. Your coaches will share this with you and assist the team with a “game plan.”

The winning senior team will represent Ohio at contests located in Madison, Wisconsin-World Dairy Expo and THE national competition at the North American International Livestock show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Look for info on our 2009 Quiz Bowl, Calendar of Events page.



Dairy Palooza              

This is a full day of dairy workshops AND state approved Quality Assurance training in the morning. We have a website for updates which is www.ohiodairypalooza.com.   Topics include many areas that are traditional as well as current.  Those areas could include showmanship, clipping and fitting, dairy judging, a quiz bowl demonstration, plus displays and resource representatives from dairy businesses.  These will be taught by experts and include hands on activities.  Special sessions will also be planned for CLOVERBUDS.  Participants will be given visuals, a packet of resources, and uniquely designed t-shirts.  It will be held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds on May 3, 2014.   The event is open to any and all dairy youth enthusiasts.  With more than 500 participants in 2013 and national recognition, this program is an excellent destination for the most current information available.  The price is reasonable, the free materials are current, and the food is superb!  Don't miss out on this outstanding opportunity to network with other 4-Hers and dairy professionals.  

We are now taking reservations and encourage everyone to use the www.ohiodairypalooza web page for updates and forms.



Dairy Judging                        

Dairy Judging Teams

Each year, many 4-Hers attend judging events in the hopes of being named to state teams.  Clinics and the Ohio 4-H Dairy Judging Contest help in preparing youth for judging as well as assisting in the selection process.  The "primary" team competes at the All American Dairy Show contest in Harrisburg, Pa  and the World Dairy Expo national contest in Madison, WI.  The "understudy" team travels to the North American International contest in Louisville, KY to prepare them for the upcoming year. Being a part of the team requires a commitment of time, but the rewards are beneficial for scholarships and future career choices. Judging trips are funded by our dedicated and loyal sponsors. Volunteers are also vital to the success of this program.

Look for more info on the past and current teams in newsletters and news releases.  Photos are also included.

Dairy Judging Clinics

Dairy Judging Clinics are planned to train youth in the fine art of evaluating dairy cattle AND preparing them to compose and present reasons to defend their placings. It is the formal training necessary to compete successfully at the state 4-H dairy judging contest. Some clinics are planned for primarily coaches to update them on key resources and current information. Yet other clinics will be designed for the experience level of the participants. By separating these groups, teaching methods can more accurately target the needs and abilities of the aspiring judges.

At the Ohio State Fair, these clinics are competitive events with posted results and premiums for winners. Key resource experts guide youth in the process of how to recognize and prioritize the key traits. Sample reasons are presented and then each senior participant must present their own set of reasons for a score. Some of the finest dairy cattle in our Buckeye state are generously provided by exhibitors at the fair.

Look for more info on dairy judging clinics on the 2009 Calendar of Events page.  



COWmunicators 101

This workshop has been developed to assist interested dairy youth in communicating with their neighbors, their schools, and their community about how a dairy operates and why certain farm practices are implemented. The workshop will equip dairy youth with the tools they need to promote and protect dairy’s image in their community.

County fairs showcase our lifestyle and dairy 4-Hers need to be adequately prepared to deal with the public that is showing a greater interest in animal welfare. Attendees will learn effective ways to interact with the public and help them better understand modern dairy farm practices and issues.

This workshop is modeled after the highly successful campaign developed by Mideast American Dairy Association. Ours is a junior version that has been developed in conjunction with ADA and OSU dairy extension. Attendees actually work in groups to develop ad campaigns, news releases, listen to a panel of Ohio’s communication experts, and even address a crisis scenario utilizing skills and techniques presented in the workshop.

More than ever before, this generation of upcoming professionals will need to be prepared to answer the dairy questions of a public sector that is keenly concerned about animal welfare. It is our hope that this unique workshop will provide an opportunity for our youth to connect and improve communication skills. We are thinking “outside of the box” on this program and it is our goal to provide yet another niche for 4-Hers to learn how to promote and protect their dairy interests!

This workshop will be offered every few years. Look for more info on our 2009 COWmmunicators, Calendar of Events page.


Dairy COWreers

This free workshop (when offered) will include a day spent networking with dairy industry professionals at a career fair.  

Spend time browsing through displays and learn more about the many options available to you within the dairy industry. As you embark on your search for a career, you will be able to spend quality time investigating and networking with a collection of dairy professionals.  Some of these resource people also participate in a panel discussion to answer your many questions AND provide advice about how you can prepare for the future right now. 

Of course, information will also be available about The Ohio State University Animal Science Department and the Dairy Certificate Program.


.              are the proud sponsors of this event.




State Fair Info

The Ohio State Fair offers many educational opportunities for youth completing dairy projects. The 2014 Ohio State Fair will be held July 23 to August 3 at the fairgrounds in Columbus, OH. During the course of the fair, many youth will show their dairy projects, participate in showmanship contests, compete in skillathons, and attend dairy judging clinics. For more information about the Ohio State Fair, visit their website: www.ohiostatefair.com. and our 4H Calendar for dairy events.

For more information on the NEW dairy feeder show, http://www.ohiostatefair.com/osf/downloadbooks/livestock/2014/jr_dairy_feeder.pdf

For more information to share with your schools on the Ag is Cool program, http://www.ohiostatefair.com/index.php/news-a-media-48/item/603-free-admission-for-fourth-graders

For more information on Scholarship opportunities and deadlines, http://www.ohiostatefair.com/index.php/competitions-37/academics/scholarships